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Desired position type: Any.
Location: Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand

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A senior manager with a lot of experience as a manager for ICT, Organization, Procedures and Instructions, Facility Management, Marketing, Sales, Testing and Training. Have worked as IT-Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, Test Manager, Training Manager and Sales Manager.
Was employed by: Bank Mees & Hope, Slavenburg’s Bank, ING Bank, Fortis Bank (GWK-Bank), Roccade Finance, Brighthouse (TNO), Temenos, Ordina, TCS, the FISA Group, KBL, Deutsche Bank, Validata.and Fyades.
Have been nearly in every role initiator and responsible for Sales and Project Management.
I have a lot of experience in change management projects for the implementation of standard software packages (e.g. T24, Bancs, Quartz etc.), Off-shore Development, BPO and other big “change projects”.
I am a natural leader, a strong personality, social and dynamic with much experience in the financial sector.
I can work excellently in an international and multicultural environment.
The last years I have successfully worked in several companies as a Sales Manager. I am a real relation manager.


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